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Recent Testimonials

Jun 3, 2020

"Just wanted to say that your service is an 11 out of 10.  Thanks so much." - long-time home, auto, boat and umbrella client

"You have been EXTREMELY helpful and awesome to answer all of my questions and I appreciate it very much!" - home, auto and business client after we consulted on how to best insure her two daughters

You guys are the best; thank you!" - Boston real estate agent after we processed a mutual client's master condo questionnaire

"We received the agency check for the prorated good student discount on our policy. Just wanted to thank you for doing that for us and for all your help with our auto and home policies." - long-time home and auto client

"Wow, you are terrific; thank you." - long-time home, auto, umbrella and rental property client after we responding to her request for information so she could file her taxes

"Thanks so much; you are the best!" - home and auto client after we reviewed her auto policy

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